Get up on your feet

Dave Mascall. feat. Mike King

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Hot on the heels of his last release “Reading my mind” featuring Julia Quinn (UK Soul Chart no 13), Dave now treats us to a fantastic and uplifting instrumental track guaranteed to bring on that summer vibe. “Get up on your feet”. This brand new track really moves along at 124bpm with that soulful house feel and is quickly becoming one of Dave’s all time favourites (he says that about every new release…lol). Dave’s guitar sound and style obviously shows it’s influence from the jazz/soul legend George Benson where his soulful playing style mixes memorable melody and technique to great effect. On this new release Dave is privileged to feature the amazing talents of his long time friend Mike King on piano and keyboards. Mike has a wealth of musical experience, often playing alongside Dave accompanying many visiting Soul artists over the years as well as being featured on Dave’s ACID LOUNGE albums. This current release includes the full length “Club mix”, a shorter radio edit and also a more mellow “Cocktail mix” with a bossa nova rhythm for all the Smooth jazz lovers out there. Enjoy and bring on the summer.

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